YouTube Super Hero cartoon with a message about widening your audience

YouTube Channel Promotion

€ 250.00

Promote through YouTube & develop your channel.

Get a professional presence of your business or personal activity (artistic, sports, etc) on a monthly basis.

The formula for success thru YouTube is no secret.

Interesting content is required, careful and promoted to the appropriate audience that interests you at a constant frequency.

What does the monthly YouTube promotion service include?

Set up of the channel, monthly management with creation of the respective videos and promotion through:

·         Google Ads in order to do channel promotion in relevant Google searches but also appearances as a recommended channel in the YouTube preview.

·         Sponsored Budget 10/month (10 euros sponsored video per week).

·         YouTube SEO optimization: Titles and description, tagging, mention of keywords in videos, creating playlists, and more.

·         Create custom thumbnails (to screenshot) that appear in each video to drive clicks.

·         Customized video (if needed) which need either editing, branding, subtitling, etc.