Launch! The ideal launch for your new business project / Start up

€ 199.00

You already have your product, store or service ready and you want to launch but you’re asking how!

The success of a fresh idea or a start up depends a lot on the tactic that will be followed from the very first days of his "life".

Most of the time the energy consumed by those launching for the first time is 90% in the preparation of the product or service and 10% in the launch itself. At a time when the "noise" for consumers and online users is more intense than ever, the key is to choose the right components that will lead your project to success.

What you get by getting the Launch service:

1.      Clear description of your target market and priority steps

2.      We analyse your case and choose the right Marketing mix based on needs and budget.

3.      We suggest these tools that we would follow in your case, based on the Marketing mix that we consider ideal for you

4.      Planning your launch in 3 phases (pre-release, release, post-release) and the steps you will need to follow for the next 6-12 months.

·         Delivery: 5-7 days

·         File type: Word document & audio file with audio resolution of the shot