T-shirt with logo and the content you want

€ 29.00 

Unique T-shirt designs to endorse your business or to impress!

The next time you are in a busy place, look everywhere! How many people wear T-shirts with the names of well-known companies? Why not be one of them?

Why do you need T-shirts with your business name?

o    Ideal advertisement for busy places. Mobile advertising

o    Perfect accompaniment to your corporate presentations and promotions

o    Ideal gift for your personnel and your friends

We create the model of the design that outfits the aesthetics of your business or your project, in 2 aspects. (Front and Back)


You send us:

·         The messages you are interested in passing

·         Your logo in PNG format

We will send you back:

·         The final image of your t-shirt in pdf and jpg with 2 sides, so that it can simply be sent for printing

·         The individual elements used (fonts, icons, drawings, etc.)