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At GALORA MARKETING, we tailor our services around your individual and unique needs. During our initial consultation, we will identify the challenges your business is currently facing and tailor our offer to best solve the challenges.

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Google Ads Services

Google Ads is an online advertising platform established by Google, where promoters bid to show brief ads, service offerings, merchandise listings, or videos to online users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Why should you use Google ads?

It increases leads and customers! Now at incredible low costs!

Google Ads lets you to focus on the persons who are searching for what your company offers. This means you can constantly improve your searches so that only users who want to purchase your products or services are sent to your websites through this platform.

pay per click services in Cyprus Nicosia

TikTok Management

The nr1 organic traffic & Brand Awareness generator in 2020-2021!

TikTok is a social network for sharing user-generated videos that lets you record 15 - 60 seconds video.TikTok has more than 2 billion all-time downloads.

We can create original videos for your business to increase your brand awareness and to help you present your services, products or offers to a wide audience.

Original videos, Tutorials, Amazing picture slides, the possibilities are vast. The service can include also the TikTok account management. Also advertising services on the platform.

TikTok management services in Cyprus Nicosia
Branding digital services in cyprus Do Something Great neon sign

We have helped launch brand new start-ups and rebranded existing multinational corporations. Our in-house designers and developers can help with all aspects of the branding process.

social media management in Nicosia Cyprus

Facebook management | Instagram management | Twitter management | YouTube management | TikTok management | Pinterest management  | Google my Business management | LinkedIn management | Website management |

| Other social platform on demand |

Social media strategy is concerned with the use of social media platforms to build awareness, generate leads and sales.

Social media management is a practice that supports your digital marketing and social media strategies.

• Channel-specific social media services.

• Strategy planning. • Account/profile creation and branding.

• Content creation. • Content publishing.

• Research and analysis.

• Education and consulting.

• Campaign and community management.

And more!

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Video editing & production services

I will creatively edit your video.

Cut, trim, extend, Sync audio, add music, add effects, intro and outro, i can do also videos for your business so you can post them on your social media channels.

marketing positioning services in Nicosia
Marketing positioning

Our professionals can help understand and unlock your brand’s real potential and develop your market position. We want to help to make your business unique.

influencer management services in Nicosia by galora

A help the influencers we work with being better by providing them with support, exclusive insights, “how-to” and more.

We work with influencers from all over the world, allowing for global strategies and best local implementation.

That includes scouting influencers who can make a huge impact.

Build your personal brand and shape the perfect career.

Content Building

Managing influencer relationships

Talent management services

Profile Building

Endorsements & Collaborations

Are you already an influencer, or do you want to become an influencer?

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1. Instagram Story

2. Instagram Post

3. Animated Social Media

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5. Facebook Post

6. Facebook Cover

7. Instagram Story Highlight

8. Blog Banner

9. Blog Graphic

10. YouTube Thumbnail

11. YouTube Chanel Art

12. Pinterest Pin

13. Facebook (Instagram) Ad

14. Facebook Event Cover

15. Pogramme design

16. Ticket design

17. Announcement

18. Brochure

19. Poster

20. Invitation

21. Flyer

22. Logo

23. Business card

24. Gift certificate

25. Coupon

26. Email Header

27. Large rectangle ad

28. Wide skyscraper ad

29. Presentation

30. Magazine cover

31. Videos

32. Video collage

33. Animated social media cover

34. Infographic

services competitor analysis by galora in Cyprus

A digital marketing competitor analysis is fundamental to your marketing success.

Find your Top Competitors.

Describe Each Competitor.

Describe Their Competitive Offering.

Summarize Their Online Presence.

Collect Their Strengths.

Find Their Weaknesses.

Identify Your Opportunities.

Identify Threats.

Cyprus Nicosia web design freelancer services
WEB DESIGN - bring your business online

Logo design

1year domain

1year hosting

chat app on the website included

Local directory listing included

SEO and Voice Search Optimization

Simple presentation website with up to 5 pages.

Help your local / national / international customers find about your services and products with one click.

Doctors, Electricians, Shop owners, Constructors, Beauty shops, the list is huge, do not matter the niche, online you can find your customers and you can help them find you.

Other Tailored services available also, just get in contact and we could talk about your business needs over a coffee.

online operational management services in cyprus
Business development

As a business scales up, many processes and operations need restructuring. Our team has experience in guiding a medium-sized business through the many changes that occur with growth.

templates and designs services for digital marketing in Cy Nicosia
ONLINE Operational management

We can help you understand and streamline your business operations: with better efficiency, you’ll see higher productivity all across the different sectors.

We’re at your service.

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