Promotion of Food companies

Promoting food companies is a special process!

Food as a subject is today one of the top 3 most viral topics on social media and this is a great opening for any food company to take advantage of this trend and build a unique strategy.

This is where the GALORA team helps you develop an all-inclusive digital marketing plan to:

1.      Let your business follow an omni-channel approach to everything about your Digital Media audience.

2.      Creating exclusive content through Social Media, TikTok & YouTube, which will highlight the individuality of your business.

3.      It will induce feelings

4.      There will be a precise scheme for creating new leads or increasing Brand Awareness.

This particular food company promotion service includes a mix of unique actions that will significantly improve your digital footprint.


1.      Creating visual / creative and video (content) for Instagram & Facebook & TikTok & YouTube on a weekly basis.

2.      Articles for your website. Aim to increase traffic by creatively answering frequent searches - questions of your common goal.

3.      Create a promotional video for your new launch or for your business.

4.      Promote Branded episodes through Google Ads & Social Media Ads in order to greatly increase the impact of the videos we create.

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