Present! The most impressive presentation you have ever made.

€ 60.00

Impressive power point slides to amaze your audience.

In 90% of cases, a presentation using power points that includes unstylishly full text slides, resulting in failing to achieve its goals.

Impress your audience instantly, retain their attention throughout your presentation and convey your messages effectively and clearly.

Present service:

We will send you up to 3 different templates that we deem suit your case (presentation goal, audience, nature of the idea, etc.) to prepare your presentation. Each of the 3 templates includes 5 slides of different design to match the structure of each theme of the same presentation. Once you receive them all you have to do is put the text you want in the ready fields. The images, structure and design are ready for you.

Assignment of preparation of the whole presentation

In case you wish to create for you and the content of the presentation, we will need to book a short online call to gather the information needed for an ideal result.

·         Delivery: 2-3 days

·         Templates: Up to 3 (from 5 different slides each)

·         Presentation Completion: Maximum length of 10 slides

·         Presentation length Up to 180 words

·         File type: power point