Monthly video promotional plan

Get your personal video developer for every new video you want to share

Create 4 videos a month

An indispensable part of content distribution is video. At the moment it is this digital format that people on social media "consume" more than anything else.

The purpose is a post Every week to be a video which will be promoted.

·         Or like creating a video that describes the key take outs of a recent article

·         Or product videos with information, rotating photos and shots.

·         Or for a more general promotion of the business as a whole

The cost of the video has to do with the duration of the final video and the editing needs. For short videos up to 30 seconds the cost is 50 euros each.

With this service we create up to 4 variations of your original promotional video every month (adding new products, messages, offers, etc.) per month so you can use the same video, communicating every time you want something new, without you need to get a new video.

Because you need it

·         It is a textbook tool to attract customers to your website and instantly explain the benefits of your services or products.

·         An online user spends an average of 10-20 seconds on a new website. Video is the easiest and most efficient way to get attention and highlight why he is interested in what you offer

·         Great instrument for social media to drive people to your website

·         The perfect way to accompany your corporate presentation, a pitch or your presence at an exhibition.

·         Video quality:  Full HD 1920x1080

·         Duration:  Up to 1 minute

·         Sound Effect: Music (included in the price)

·         Video file format: MP4