Management of EMAIL Marketing

€ 150.00

Update all your contacts for each news of your business via email!

E-mail Marketing remains today one of the most powerful assets of any business with high conversion rates.


It has the benefit that people have opt in on their own and they are much more receptive to content, offers or anything else.


If you already have a database of emails from customers or interested parties, this is a very good first base to start some Email Marketing campaigns by sending weekly Newsletters. (1 per week)

What we do for you:

We create an email template for your company and digitalise all your business contacts so you can easily and cheaply send newsletters for your updates, offers and news.

Our skilled team selects the proper format and design that meets your needs.

·         Work environment: mail chimp

150 euros for set up and 150 euros per month for handling (creation of 1 newsletter every week. Sending and reporting for results as well as optimization for better conversions)