Google AdWords - Search Advertising

€ 400.00

Be discoverable on Google search in a matter of hours!

An important asset for any e-business is search advertising through Google.

It is perhaps the most direct advertising tool, because it responds exactly to the consumer who is currently looking for what you are selling.

Search ads appear next to Google search results when users search for the products and services you offer. In addition, you only pay when users click to visit your site or call your business.

What do you get with this service?

Purchasing this service, GALORA team researches your business tail keywords (long tail & Basic Keywords) and sends you a recommendation about the strategy we think you need first so you can see how effective it is search advertising for your business.

The initial search for keywords costs 180 euros and the monthly management of Google AdWords costs 400 euros / month + Advertising costs that we will need to invest for the keywords that we will choose.

AdWords management also includes weekly reporting, optimization and selection of new keywords during a campaign.

In all the above as well as anything else needed, the consultation & reporting will be free.


If you are already running Google Ads 

Advertising on Google is tremendously dynamic and can bring quite different results when done in the right way, the right ads extensions, the right mix of long tail & basic keywords, bidding strategy and a fairly large number of factors.

In case you are already running Google ads but you are not completely happy, we commence to do the following:

·         Increase of the total Stay time of the users per session

·         Bounce Rate Reduction

·         Increase the share of search ads in relation to your competition

·         Improve CTR and quality score on keywords

·         Search keywords & add long tail keywords

·         Improving the Quality Score of Ads extensions

·         Creating new Ad’s extensions, optimizing existing ones

·         Add negative keywords

·         Optimize ads per day & per device

The cost of 300 euros is the minimum for a complete campaign 3-6 keywords. The final offer is shaped depending on the number of keywords, and budget that we will manage.