Creating a Landing Page

€ 150.00

Creating a Landing Page for an advertising campaign - lead generation

Create a landing page immediately for any possible use.

This Landing Page can be linked either to your current website, or even if you do not have a website.

We create a page in order to run any action (communication of an event, a page of a specific product or service, an offer for a limited time).

Landing pages serve a purpose.

To lead the visitors of this page to the next step of the customer journey.

The goal of such a page can be simply for people to contact you, fill out a form, get a promotional coupon, visit our physical space, or even the market.

Such a website needs to be clear, to describe simply and convincingly what the ad brought to the prospective customer promised and ideally needs to include videos, social proofs, call to actions, and strong claims that prove to the visitor who does not know us that we are a completely professional presence.