Corporate video production

€ 500.00 - € 2,000.00

Production of a corporate video or commercial for each use

Production of business videos, development and production of commercials, production of videos for business development, documentaries or mini movies.


Create your professional corporate video for every use

GALORA Marketing provides comprehensive corporate video production services that include concept creation, production and post production.

Assign the professional video recording of your business in order to promote and your business activities but also the creation of corporate videos and presentations of each type of corporate.

Video Specifications

·         Full HD Camera Packages / resolution 1920 × 1080 - 1080p

·         Full Audio Recording Capabilities & Royalty-Free Music Library

·         4K Ultra HD recording ability (upon request)

·         Capacity to record with Drone for aerial shooting

·         Possibility of highlighting the corresponding service

Depending on the type of video you choose and the duration of the video recording and the final duration of the video, the corresponding cost is set.

In case of a commercial, preparation is required to create a concept, storyboard, the presence of a director and crew is possible, as well as the selection of models / actors.