Corporate Identity Design

€ 900.00

Corporate identity - Complete Brand Identity & Design

What is a true corporate identity? Is it the logo of your business? The colours, the fonts, the design character of your brand?

The way we approach it is this:

The corporate identity is the personality of your brand. The Character and the way you look and expresses yourself in the world.

With this in mind, the corporate identity includes a set of elements such as:

·         The company logo

·         The colours of the brand

·         Typography - the fonts used in both the logo and other materials of the brand

·         Web design - The website / internet presence and especially the part of the front end

·         Iconography

·         Video & Motion

·         Offline materials. Business cards, posters, brochures, posters, brochures, calendars, etc.

·         Online materials. Online Banners, social media page elements, etc.

The way all this is crafted always starts with the wishes and the aesthetics of the customer, but we always suggest directions, based on our own experience, the trends of the time, the data of the competition and the audience to which you are addressed.

Our goal is to create a modern and "fresh" corporate identity that will have the following elements:

1.      Separate / Unique. Which is clearly different from the competition and wins the attention of the target group

2.      Memorable. Something people will remember and perceive immediately and easily

3.      Matching & representative. With the philosophy, vision and character of the company