Complete Social Media Management - Monthly Plan

€ 250.00

Assign GALORA professionals the complete management of your business Social Media.

The purpose of Social Media management is:

·         To highlight who you are as a business and to stand out from the competition

·         Create a topic of publications per week and per month based on your business goals.

·         To build a consistent presence on Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) with a stable aesthetic

·         To upgrade the image of the company in a completely professional way

·         To increase traffic to your website

·         To increase your influence and target your target audience with a superior following goal which will progressively turn into sales.

What we do for you specifically

·         We analyze your business, your competition and your priorities, and plan monthly a suggested topic for each of the 2 channels (Facebook, Instagram)

·         We create the content that needs to be published based on the goals, audience, nature of your business (visual art with logo and photos related to your product)

·         We publish the content we generate for you and boost the ones that we decide together we should.

·         We create 1-2 ads per week (depending on the plan) that communicate a specific message to your audience, with the aim of activating it and communicating with you (linked to a specific offer)

What to expect on a monthly basis?

·         12 posts (of which 4 videos) on the look & feel of your business which are promoted through Instagram & Facebook advertising.

·         Significant increase in your Facebook and Instagram page followers

·         Increase the frequency of audience communication to your page

·         Increase traffic to your website.

Starter Plan without ads: We create for you 12 posts per month, we plan the strategy and topics (what to upload and why) and we make the posts on Instagram & Facebook.

The plan does not include creating videos or ads!

The cost is 250 euros / month

Basic Plan: We create 12 posts per month (as above) of which a mini social media video and we run 4 ads.

Suitable for businesses that are now starting a more organized presence on social media.

The cost of the banner is 340 euros / month + Selected by the customer advertising budget (suggested budget for the start 5 euros per day)

ADVANCED PLAN: 12 posts per month / up to 8 ads per month and remarketing campaigns.

Suitable for larger e-shops and businesses that want to take the next step in their digital presence.  

In this plan we create 2 social media videos per month and 2 carousels.

The cost of the plan 450 euros / month + Selected by the client advertising budget after our proposal

Boosted plan: Daily posts / (30 per month), Remarketing ad / unlimited number of ads and 4 carousels per month.

Suitable for established businesses with a greater need for content frequency (On a daily basis).

The cost of the plan is 650 euros + Selected by the client advertising budget

On request we ca manage more online media networks like TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and so one.