Complete Facebook management for businesses

€ 150.00

This offer is for 1 Facebook account, 10 monthly posts.

Facebook Page Business Management

Leave it to the GALORA experts to manage your Facebook page

The purpose of this package is to fully take over the running of your Facebook page in order to:

What we do for you:

·         We design the communication strategy for your Facebook page, choosing a mix of topics that highlights your business, educates the public and adds value to the Facebook community.

·         We produce the content that needs to be published based on the goals, audience, nature of your business.

·         We publish the content we create for you, at the right times of the day for maximum post performance.

·         We focus on the exact audiences for your case, depending on the geographical, demographic and behavioural specifics of the campaign.

In case you are interested in the complete management of your social media as a whole, see the relevant service here.


·         Create content and visuals specifically for your Facebook page. Unique, original content.

·         Frequency of publications depending on the plan you get and according to your goal.