Business Advertising via LinkedIn

€ 100.00

Business Advertising via LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn for Your Business

Contrary to many people's beliefs, LinkedIn is not just about finding someone's next job, it’s the best organic reach platform for B2B.

The benefits are many for B2B companies, start-ups, small businesses. Networking for business purposes.

Compared to other social media that already use advertising in every possible category, LinkedIn allows advertising to a very targeted audience and in a much less "noisy" environment in terms of communicating the messages we want.

GALORA service for business advertising via LinkedIn

The specific service intends the following:

1.      Ad design (graphic design, communication, targeting and activation of ads) - 2 per month

2.      Designing the Business Profile of the company in order to be able to communicate the information that interests us

3.      Create Leads using Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail

4.      Utilization of existing content in order to provoke targeted visits to your website


The price is per week and does not include advertising budget.