Amaze with an introductory video of your professional level logo.

The average person on social media & on YouTube watches a video of 3 to 5 seconds! Therefore, the opening of each video is a vital part in order to gain the attention of your audience!

Why you need it!

1.      Use it as an intro video on the home page of your website

2.      It can be uploaded to your YouTube channel

3.      Striking way to open any current or future video

4.      Ideal for use on social media (Facebook & Instagram)

5.      It instantly gains attention in any presentation or exhibition

·         Video quality:  Full HD 1920x1080

·         Duration:  Up to 10 seconds

·         Sound Effect: Optional (included in the price)

·         Video file format: MP4

Use it on all Social Media, YouTube & Corporate presentations.

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Animated Introductory Video with Logo or Your Name

€ 30.00