AdWords Display Network Ads Campaign Setup

€ 300.00

Appear with banners on popular websites in your category

By Google Display Ads we mean the display of banner ads on targeted websites. For example, we can choose to show our ads on some sports or news websites.

With Google Display Ads we achieve high brand awareness, at low cost.

This service includes:

·         Create 10 banners in dimensions according to Google specifications

·         Selection of the most suitable websites for targeting and promoting banners

·         Selection of the appropriate demographic audience for the start of display ads.

The price of 300 € concerns the setting up of the campaign, and does not include the advertising costs that the customer sets through his AdWords account.

Remarketing Strategy

Statistically, only 2% of users who visit a page for the first time make a purchase.

Remarketing helps you make your presence felt by the remaining 98% of your visitors and bring them back to your store.

Using Remarketing, you can improve your online sales, maintain a close relationship with the "shoppers" and appear in front of them when they are ready to buy.

Service Costs

·         The cost of the Remarketing service is 150 euros extra

·         In case the customer wants the monthly monitoring of the ads in total after the initial Setup, the charge is 300 euros per month, or 15% of the monthly advertising budget for amounts over 1200 euros per month.

We manage the full range of Google Ads services, the offer applies also to text ads, call ads and so on.