Can I be an influencer? Way to work with an agency and not individual?

Sponsored content, Sponsorships, affiliate links, ad revenue share, individual business, traditional advertising gigs, tours, video and photo sales, are some of the ways to make money as an influencer.

There are tons of influencer agencies, we are different buy supporting and developing our influencers directly and not doing only the sales agent job.


To become an influencer, it’s not an easy job, it can take years of hard work.

Some of the lucky influencers become famous overnight, but it’s like winning the lottery, not an easy job and not happening very often.


We offer our experience and our services to help our influencers going faster to the top and in this way, they can increase their followers and income faster and easier.


 YouTube and Instagram are the most often used by the top influencers to get followers and contracts.

Tik Tok it’s also a new trend rising, even with the problems that they have in the US market at the moment.

Influencers, with 10.000 to 50.000 followers can get up too few hundred bucks per post, and they are very handy for local and small business, as they are better connected with their audience.


Influencers, with up to 1.000.000 followers can get 10.000 euro for a post, and top Influencer with 1 million followers and up can charge 100.000euro per post, depending on the platform.


Influencers approximate winnings per year:

Nano influencers – 30.000 to 60.000 euro

Micros influencers – 40.000 to 100.000 euro

Top influencers can go a lot higher than this.


As influencer, beauty wins over all, but you can have success also if you are starting something new, something trending.

Starting a full job as an influencer will be very costly, as you have to pay for professional photo shootings, video creation, video and photo editing, various trips for new projects, investing in your image and many more.

Also, a very important aspect as a full-time influencer is to stay clean, all your followers to be real and active.

You can get sued by The Brands that hire your services if you buy followers or views.

The Influencer market is growing as the demand is tremendous, early opened influencers agencies declare that they jumped from 1.2 million euros a year to 20 million and more, due to the continuous request on the market and also thanks to the efficacity of the campaigns made by various Brands through their accounts.

get to be an full time influencer in 2020