Define and understand your target audience.


In order to send the right message to your future customers you have to define and understand them.

Find out who will need your product and why, their ages, gender, location.


You have to make the customers realize they need your product and so you will sky rocket your online sales, the awareness of your brand and your clienteles’ satisfaction.


Selling is about relationships, the sale is not about your product, but their needs. Don’t ignore the fact that price and value blend, be sure to let your customers know that you offer them the best quality – price value.

Ask for reviews after sales, in this way the client will be happy to see that you bother to know if he is pleased or not and you will increase your brand awareness plus you will have another person who can recommend you to other possible clients.


Figure out how you need to communicate with your customers.

Use analytics and start to understand what type of people are searching for your product and way they need it, use the right social media to post relevant content and ads, that is no different on how the business was working 100 years ago, think about the internet like old markets, just your store front and your products are presented online, with the help of a website, blog, social media account, represented by u, and explained to the customers properly.


You have the power of reviews, of video presentation, high quality pictures, you have so many free ways to present your product or service to your client that its your job to start and get in line with all other business.


Why people don’t buy? Why i have likes and shares and nobody order?


People rarely believe that your products or services are that osome like you advertise them.

You have to sell them on your product, your services.

Do your marketing, you need to work on providing specific examples.

Focus on creating value, sell it hard, offer good content, pictures, videos, reviews from other customers, provide examples that what you are do apply to them, that your product its a must have for them.