Digital Marketing Facts:



  • Most of the users do not like the idea of popups

  • Use video more, the videos are a great way to bring more organic reach

  • Most popular user’s activity worldwide is social media

  • Facebook remains the nr 1 platform also in 2020

  • If you are using analytics you can increase your sales target by 25% or more

  • Posting minimum 2 times a day on your social media will bring you more followers




Is Digital Marketing Right for You/Your Business?

Definitely it is, you can reach a massive audience being cost-effective and being able to analyze the data.



Who Can't Use Digital Marketing?

Everyone can use Digital Marketing, no matter what business, what market niche you belong, #DigitalMarketing work for you in the right way



Why Entrepreneurs Need Digital Marketing 3 Mistakes Business Owner, Entrepreneur Make When Use Social Media Platforms to Bring Brand Awareness:

  • Running after selling more will not bring you more customers!

  • Trying to convince your audience they have to buy just because you say it’s the best product!

  • Not being honest!





7 Must-Have Resources to Bring Your Business Online Awareness

  • Online presence

  • Accounts on the top 7 social media platforms

  • Posting at least 2 times a day on all your social media platforms

  • Use the Analytics power and integrate it in your strategy

  • Know 100% your target audience

  • Increase your Brand Awareness using quality

  • Embrace the new trends and use them in your favor


Bring Your Business Online Awareness! 7 Ideas That Really Work

  • Produce and release content daily

  • Offer free tutorials

  • Use paid social ads

  • Online contests

  • Use hashtags

  • Use sentimental campaigns

  • Be creative, be innovative, reuse successful competitor’s campaigns in your original way


The Biggest Disadvantage of Using Digital Marketing

You will increase your Brand Awareness; you will have more followers and will get more sales. Yap, there is no disadvantage with the Digital Marketing use!



5 Digital Marketing Facts You Need to Know

  • Facebook is still the most used social media platform in 2020.

  • LinkedIn correct use will bring you Brand Awareness

  • In 2021 mobile users will be the most targeted by brands

  • You don’t have to be an expert, just hire some one to do it for you

  • Optimizing for voice search will bring you more traffic


The 3 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Digital Marketing agency’s

  1. Thinking that over night you will see the difference

  2. Not clarify if you want Brand Awareness or just to sell more

  3. Saying NO all the time, don’t forget you are there because of their expertise



At What Point Do You Need to Use More Social Media Platforms and Post Daily?

At the point that you understand that social media platforms don’t need you, you need them more. You are not on the internet just to exist; you are there to create a community of followers and to make them to buy from you. With the help of social media, you will be noticed faster by more people and also you will have a lower cost for your ads than with the traditional advertising.



10 Shortcuts For not Loosing Time on Social Media, post and gain Online Experience in Record Time:

  1. Analyze your Analytics

  2. Educate your audience, dot just give them what they want, show them way they need it from you

  3. Invest in Facebook ads to boost your post and be sure to check the variant 2 or 3, do not advertise to the users that are already in your audience cercle.

  4. Get involve with your audience, respond to direct message, to all the comments and thanks for the likes

  5. Do not advertise throw posts, socialize and educate your audience, they will value more the honesty and you in the transparent state

  6. Make a business out of your hobby and show them, love your business and show it to them, the people really appreciate to see you are a human after all

  7. Use Automate social scheduling & posting

  8. Create content in all shapes, if you make a video post also the audio and the text separate, in this way you will share the content in more ways

  9. Share links with your video content from TikTok and YouTube on all your social media platforms, let the people know about them will increase your views

  10. Analyze your competitor’s social media strategy, discover the top content in your niche and use this 2 to create your strategy



5 Little-Known Facts About Digital Marketing in Cyprus

  1. The Most Entrepreneurs do not trust in the benefits of online presence

  2. Business owners tend to refuse investing in online ads, as they do not think this will bring them more income

  3. Over 1 million active social media users

  4. Facebook have the biggest share of online users

  5. Most of the companies do own social media accounts



Content Creator Mistakes You Probably Don't Know You're Making

  • Focus on your reader, not on you
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Right in the way that users are asking
  • Include CTA in your content
  • Choose the best headline, do not rush